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Cleaning Treatments for Allergies

Millions of people throughout the United States suffer from allergies. Estimates put the figure as high as one person in four. Studies also show that the number of people suffering from allergies has been expanding every year by as much as five percent, and over fifty percent of these new allergy sufferers are kids

What Causes Allergies?

Allergens. Allergens are substances derived in our environment that could cause one to have an allergic reaction. Just about any compound is a candidate for becoming an allergen to someone. The allergic reaction is commonly caused by a particular protein in the allergen, like, in the food we eat. Proteins hold hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen, all vital parts of living bodies on this planet. It is these proteins which can cause allergic reactions.

- Professional carpet cleaning might easily remove the majority of allergens like:

- Tree pollen and grass pollen

- Household dust mites and their refuse products

- Mold spores and mildew

- Cat and dog hair and pet dander

Often people might mistakenly blame their carpets, however the culprit is most commonly the carpet padding due to moisture that has come into contact with the carpet. A damp carpet can be a breeding ground for allergens. Fortunately, there are hypoallergenic carpet pads that help soak up the moisture but don't allow mold and mildew and other allergens to spread in your carpets. There are many things to think about before buying hypoallergenic carpet underlay and having it installed.

It is vital to keep in mind that "hypoallergenic" must not be thought to mean that no allergens whatsoever will survive in the carpet.

Hypoallergenic refers to the fact that it has often been found to trigger less allergic reactions in the general public. However, there is no guaranteed way of eliminating the risk of an allergic reaction from any one specific thing, simply because everyone has different allergies. What's more, several people deal with mild allergic reactions to certain items in their home like pollen or pet fur, while other people will have a violent reaction to even the smallest amount of an allergen.

Regardless, in today's carpeting market, hypoallergenic carpet padding is often moisture resistant which makes it anti-fungal, anti-microbial, and anti-bacterial. These resistances could change from manufacturer to manufacturer with some slight differences, however those are the main allergens that this type of padding is most commonly prone to. To learn more, please elicit a ring.

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