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Cease all bed bug bites via bed bug removal treatments. In the metropolis of New York City, the extremely real mites have reached epidemic proportions. These tiny insects suck on the blood of human hosts. No one is safe from these invaders - not even the priciest neighborhoods or the fanciest hotels. Not only that, an Upper West Side councilwoman has brought about the establishment of a bedbug task force to find solutions to this dilemma.

Bedbugs: What exactly are we dealing with? Bedbugs are approximately the area of an apple seed, are rust-colored, and do not possess wings. You will not see them active during the daylight hours. They like the night when they can feast on their human hosts. Your body heat draws them out and they swarm in to dine on your arms or shoulders, which is their ideal area. Provided their size, bedbugs are prepared to hide themselves in small cracks or crevices. Their preferred habitat means beds and mattresses, due to the fact that those locations offer an abundance of food.

- Bed bugs reside in quite a few regions of the home.
- Cracks within wooden floorboards
- Any tiny cranny or crevice in the wall
- On a rug
- Thin openings in furniture frames, specifically those for your bed
- Wallpaper. Any loose edges are fair game.
- Under peeled paint

Bedbug Removal Treatments

- Commence by giving every single surface and every item in your home a good cleaning, including your bed, sheets, carpets and hardwood floors.

Bring a vacuum cleaner to all mattresses, encase them in plastic, and set them outdoors in a sunlit space for as long as you can.

We Implement Just the Best Non-Toxic Cleaning Agents

We research each and every case to figure out the ideal course of action for your problem. We will get you the results you need. We will get rid of the bugs and leave your home clean and safe. Our products are biodegradable and safe for the environment. Everything we clean with is non-toxic and non-hazardous.

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