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Much in the same way that dirt, particulates and dust build on furniture, they also tend to gather on drapery fabrics. You could make your home healthier and offer longer life for your drapes by incorporating regular cleaning into your schedule which will also keep the rooms of your home looking fresh and bright.

This is a method we can help you finish such a goal…

Step 1: Detailed Examination. Initially, we search for any problems that could pose special obstacles to cleaning, including irremovable staining, sun damage and the like. The foregone results will be offered to you through our evaluation.

Step 2: The most essential stage in drapery cleaning is pre-vacuuming any extra dirt and dust. Window treatments could be vacuumed to take out dirt particles and dust.

Step 3: Our professionals will implement sponges treated with unique solvents to get rid of remaining soils. There is no liquid needed in the implementation of these sponges, but they have been created with dry cleaning solvent. Oil based soils that get airborne when cooking, are removed effortlessly with the dry sponges.

Step 4: Follow-up Spot Treatment. Following that, any staining persisting after the sponge technique will receive another treatment with the necessary solvents.

Step 5: Our professionals will apply a custom solvent meant only for drapery fabric which works to eliminate all other types of dirt and also simultaneously freshens the fabric. The drapes will be misted lightly with this product.

Step 6: Final Review. You shall receive a complete overview of the cleaning results from our professionals.

Window fabric is delicate and needs professional cleaning. Mishandled drapery fabric will often shrink, stain or undergo some other damage if it’s not cleaned by a professional. We promise you that our drapery experts utilize merely the most up-to-date cleaning techniques and machinery when tending to your drapery cleaning needs. We’ll also come to your home or office to pick up and remove the drapes. Vibrant, clean drapes could be delivered and reinstalled in a few days.

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